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Providing Quality Sports Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Services

We are a full sales, service & maintenance company designed to assist you in furnishing and maintaining a safe and functional sporting event facility. From gymnasiums and field houses to football stadiums and baseball/softball complexes. We keep your equipment functioning, up to date and safe for students, staff and spectators. We service all kinds of bleachers, grandstands and seating systems for gymnasiums, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and more.

Why Are My Motorized Bleachers Failing After a Few Short Years of Service?

Sports Facilities Group is often called out to repair bleacher systems which are not operating as they should. Many of these times we are called to service systems only a few years old.  Why do these newer motorized bleachers fail so early in their lifetime?


Many newer bleacher motorized systems are now being manufactured with all the rollers on a single axle to save on costs. In this system, if the flooring is uneven underneath a wheel’s path, friction is lost at that point causing the powered wheel to slip. This will cause an uneven amount of power to be distributed across the width of the bleachers and the bleacher will travel unevenly causing binding and poor performance. Or worse, excessive wear on the bleacher components as the system racks, twists and strains to move the bleachers in and out, causing premature component failures. This will lead to costly repairs as well as being a bleacher safety issue.

In the pursuit of further cost reductions, many of the original equipment manufacturers have also under powered their systems with cheaper motors, leading to even more problems.

A better time tested approach.

Once upon a time motorized bleacher systems were all manufactured with “True Friction” power systems. They were safe, trustworthy, robust and reliable.  

Unlike the single axle systems, a “True Friction” power system uses a series of powered rollers with an independent axle suspension system on each roller.  This allows the rollers to move up and down to compensate for slight variations in the floor surface, ensuring an even amount of friction between the roller and the floor and resulting in an even roll-out of the bleachers. An even distribution of power leads to a consistent travel across the width of the bleachers. There is no binding, twisting and uneven travel. Less wear and tear on the motors and components equals better performance and less cost of maintenance.

Are your motorized bleachers binding, travelling unevenly or not working at all?  Let Sports Facilities Group Inc. help design your bleacher motorization project.

Sports Facilities Group Inc, the bleacher experts, uses the superior “True Friction” system that ensures your bleachers will operate smoothly & reliably every time. If you are installing new bleachers, need your bleachers repaired or are undertaking a bleacher motorization project, we are the company to call!

Because we use superior components and designs, plus our 40 years of experience, we can fix motorized bleacher systems that our competitors can’t. That is why we get testimonials as you see displayed on our home page. We are the experts!

Contact us today to set up a free consultation over the phone.  866-311-7344