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Providing Quality Sports Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Services

We are a full sales, service & maintenance company designed to assist you in furnishing and maintaining a safe and functional sporting event facility. From gymnasiums and field houses to football stadiums and baseball/softball complexes. We keep your equipment functioning, up to date and safe for students, staff and spectators. We service all kinds of bleachers, grandstands and seating systems for gymnasiums, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and more.

Baseball Field Equipment & Maintenance & Backstops

Baseball Field Netting

S.F.G. offers a full line of baseball and softball field equipment as well as maintenance and repair of many field items.

Equipment available includes many different sizes of backstops, foul poles, bases, pitching rubbers, home plates, dugout benches, bat racks and other team storage systems, custom safety padding, windscreen, portable outfield fence systems, fence cap, scoreboards, aluminum bleachers, and custom netting systems designed for each facility’s needs.

Services available include expert installation of all types of baseball and softball equipment as well as repair and maintenance of your pitching machines, and scoreboards.

Keep your fields safe and ready for play. Contact us to discuss your baseball and softball field needs.

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