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Providing Quality Sports Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Services

We are the premier service company for bleacher repair in California and the western US.

We are a full sales, service & maintenance company designed to assist you in furnishing and maintaining a safe and functional sporting event facility. From gymnasiums and field houses to football stadiums and baseball/softball complexes. We keep your equipment functioning, up to date and safe for students, staff and spectators. We service all kinds of bleachers, grandstands and seating systems for gymnasiums, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and more.

Seating & Bleacher Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Telescoping Bleachers in Gym: SFG is the expert in bleacher repair.Are your bleachers jammed or dragging on your hardwood floor? Does the power system struggle to move them in or out? Do they travel unevenly or bind up? Are your bleachers safe? If you answer yes, you are in need of a bleacher repair specialist.

We Fix Bleachers!

Bleachers of all makes and designs can be repaired and put back in good working order. SFG is the expert (see testimonial below) on bleachers and seating systems of all sizes, with 40 years experience in the art of bleacher repair, bleachers installation and operation. We can get your bleachers safe and ready for your next big event. With a maintenance agreement, we can keep your bleachers ready for the next game and all throughout the year. A maintenance agreement is strongly recommended and will insure immediate response if a problem develops and your bleachers need repair.

Testimonial: Just wanted to let you know that after 25 years and numerous "Bleacher Specialists" claiming to know how to fix our motorized bleachers, you guys have nailed it!... - Rick Mooney

SFG can motorize your existing manual telescoping bleachers. Motorizing your bleachers saves setup time and provides more reliable operation with less failures vs. manually operated bleachers.

- Call SFG to discuss your bleacher problems and we will be glad to offer our advice and service.

- Call us for a free bleacher repair quote before you have costly issues that can be avoided with proper and timely maintenance.

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