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Providing Quality Sports Equipment, Installation and Maintenance Services

We are a full sales, service & maintenance company designed to assist you in furnishing and maintaining a safe and functional sporting event facility. From gymnasiums and field houses to football stadiums and baseball/softball complexes. We keep your equipment functioning, up to date and safe for students, staff and spectators. We service all kinds of bleachers, grandstands and seating systems for gymnasiums, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and more.

Gymnasium Equipment

Gymnasium equipment & Divider Curtains S.F.G. offers a full line of indoor gymnasium and field house athletic equipment and maintenance services.

Equipment available includes scoreboards, shot clocks, backboard light strips, message displays, basketball backboards and goals, wall and ceiling mounted backstop structures, motorized divider curtains, motorized bleachers, volleyball and badminton net systems, wall padding, wrestling mat storage systems, player benches and team chairs, tip and roll aluminum bleachers, strength conditioning equipment as well as storage equipment for many of your indoor sports needs.

Services available include installation and assembly of any indoor sports equipment as well as service and repair of existing athletic equipment no matter how old or new it is or what brand it is. With our extensive experience in this industry along with having factory authorized and trained technicians, there is virtually no brand or type of indoor athletic equipment we can't repair or restore to safe and functional condition. In today’s tight budget requirements, repairing, servicing, and upgrading what you already have makes good fiscal sense and can extend the life of even newer equipment beyond the expected service life.

We also offer consulting services for many other facility needs; such as floor finishing, new bleachers, lighting systems and scoring systems.

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