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ATEC M1 Pitching Machine

ATEC M1 Pitching Machine
Manufacturer: ATEC

ATEC M1 Pitching Machine

Class: Offensive Training Machine

Level: Travel

The M1 is the most durable and the best performing single-wheel training machine.  It's built using the same technology, processes and materials as ATEC's other industry-leading machines.  Similar to our M3 Professional Level Training Machine, the M1 is also equipped with a dual-durometer concave wheel, which is engineered to increase the wheel's grip on the ball which maximizes both pitch speed and accuracy.  The M1 is portable and powerful, designed to be the workhorse on the field and in the batting cage.  It's capable of throwing extremely accurate fastballs up to 70mph, as well as right-handed and left-handed curveballs, with any ball type; including real baseballs.  The M1 makes it easier than ever to build hitter's confidence and eliminate weaknesses at the plate.

Top Speed: 70mph

Pitch Types: Fastball, Curveball

Product Features:

  • 1. Concave Dual-Durometer Wheel
    • Increases ball grip to maximize pitch accuracy of both fastballs and breaking balls
    • Faster acceleration than standard wheels, increasing maximum pitch speed and recovery time
  • 2. Quick-Change Tilt System
    • Gives you the ability to throw both fastballs and right and left hand curveballs
    • Allows the machine's head to tilt and change the axis of rotation on the pitched ball
  • 3. Durable Steel Frame
    • Rugged frame and wide-base tripod absorb machine recoil ensuring maximum accuracy of every pitch
  • 4. ABS Wheel Guard
    • Protects operator from injury and protects the wheel from taking direct hits
  • Real Ball Compatibility
    • Compatible for use with leather balls as well as dimpled and foam practice balls
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