The most revolutionary product in sports since the invention of the net! The key to Bownet’s product design is the “bow” in the poles. This unique design allows Bownet to create a net that while flexible, lightweight and portable is also durable enough to hold up to the pro’s.

EAS – ENERGY ABSORPTION SYSTEM. Bownet has revolutionized the sports netting business with its energy absorption system. Bownet soccer goals release the energy of the shot – not one, not two, but three times. Saving the life of the netting while making the net stable and durable. Even for the pro’s, try and knock it over – you can’t! Fast set-up time is another core philosophy at Bownet. Many of the net’s set up in under 2 minutes. Faster set-up means the more time you have to play.  See how Bownet’s® revolutionary patented designs have made it the fastest growing supplier of sports nets in the industry!

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