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Gill Hammer Conversion Circles

Gill Hammer Conversion Circles
Manufacturer: Gill Athletics

Gill Hammer Conversion Circles

362 - Four interlocking sections made of pliable PVC plastic instantly convert a discus ring into a hammer ring. Portable and guaranteed not to break. Meets NFHS and NCAA specifications. IAAF certified. Meets new 2011 NCAA rule.

362 - This item ships by truck.  Contact us at 877-497-6671 for a freight quote.

3621 - Hammer conversion circle made from white recycled plastic sheet material. Circle consists of 6 segments that is lighter weight and can ship efficiently in a small package.

Gill Hammer Conversion Circle 362
4 Piece System
SKU: 362
Gill Hammer Conversion Circle 3621
6 Piece System
SKU: 3621
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