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Bison UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System

Bison UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System
Manufacturer: Bison

Bison UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System 

If your gym has existing 4″ floor sockets and you desire the versatility of easy tennis (request special components) to volleyball net height adjustment, these 31# posts might be your best choice. Low profile high torque winch is a feature not found on other Bison systems.

Popular, super lightweight 4" diameter posts fit all manufacturers’ 4" diameter floor sleeves so there is no need to use adapter sleeves • Lifetime warranty on posts and winch proves this is a durable, functional system with a long life • The slimline, high tech, self-lubricating lead screw winch allows maximum tension with minimum effort • QwikSet net attachment system has no loose parts so it sets up consistently in less than five minutes • Net height is variable by a simple flip of a lever, allowing the slide rail to adjust net height from 96" to 42" and every height in between for all levels of volleyball play, badminton, tennis or pickle ball • Set up at tennis height (42") requires special attachment components, call Sports Facilities Group for details, free components and instructions • Durable powder coated finish • Choose complete system with all components or order components separately • Complete system includes two standards, winch, post padding (choose from 16 colors), net, antennas, net rope covers, net storage bag, padding lettering and VB27 floor sockets • Order VB73 or VB76 volleyball official’s platform separately • See chart for ordering information. Post weight for non-winch end 31 lbs; winch end 39 lbs.



Model Order #

Approx. Shipping Weight



Free Lettering


130 lbs., Truck

Complete system described above.

Free chain net gauge, net storage bag, and lettered post padding!



115 lbs., Truck

Same as VB9000 with exclusion  of VB27 floor sockets.



210 lbs., Truck

Complete side-by-side double court system including three posts, two winches, two nets, three post pads, three floor
sockets, two sets of antennas and rope covers.

Free chain net gauge, net storage bag, and lettered post padding!



190 lbs., Truck

Same system as VB9002 with exclusion  of VB27 floor sockets.



75 lbs., Truck

Posts and net tensioning winch only. Order net, padding,
antennae and floor sockets separately.



50 lbs., Truck

Court adder increases the number of side-by-side courts and  includes  post  and  net  tensioning  winch.  Order other components separately. Call for details.


UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB9000 - With Free Lettering
SKU: VB9000
UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB9000NS - With Free Lettering
UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB9002 - With Free Lettering
SKU: VB9002
UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB9002NS - With Free Lettering
UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB90
UltraLite Aluminum Volleyball System VB900
SKU: VB900
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