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12 Step Basketball Structure Inspection

We offer a 12 step inspection for all types of basketball backstop structures in your gymnasium including wall mounted, ceiling suspended, retractable, side fold, stationary as well as portable units and some outdoor and pavilion mounted units.

Our 12 Step Inspection includes the following:

  1. Inspecting the goal for fatigue and testing breakaway goals for proper function.
  2. Checking the goal and backboard for regulation height and adjusting as needed.
  3. Checking the backboard for plumb and level as well as alignment with the court.
  4. Inspecting the backboard, goal, and padding for CIF safety compliance as required.
  5. Inspecting all the attachment hardware for the structure and tightening or replacing as needed.
  6. Inspecting all the assembly hardware of the structure and tightening or replacing as needed.
  7. Lubricating all pivot points and related mechanisms.
  8. Inspecting the hoist mechanism (winches) for condition and secure attachment.
  9. Inspecting and replacing as needed the hoist cable that supports the structure.
  10. Adjusting the limit switches in electric winches as needed if so equipped.
  11. Test-operating and inspect the operation switches for electric winches if so equipped.
  12. Inspecting any safety strap type mechanisms, if so equipped, for proper function.

Upon the completion of our 12 Step Inspection, we will prepare and submit to you a detailed report of the services performed and the condition of each structure, along with any recommendations for safety upgrades, repairs, or rule change requirements.

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