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We Fix Bleachers of All Makes and Designs

SFG is the expert on bleachers and seating systems of all sizes, with 50 years experience in the art of bleacher repair, and bleacher installation and operation.

We Can Make Your Bleachers Safe and Ready for Your Next Big Event

With a maintenance agreement, we can keep your bleachers ready for the next game and all throughout the year. A maintenance agreement is strongly recommended and will insure immediate response if a problem develops and your bleachers need repair.

SFG Can Motorize Your Existing Manual Telescoping Bleachers

Motorizing your bleachers saves setup time and provides more reliable operation with less failures than manually operated bleachers.

Are your motorized bleachers binding, traveling unevenly or not working at all?

Let Sports Facilities Group Inc, the bleacher experts, help design your bleacher motorization project. We use the superior “True Friction” system that ensures your bleachers will operate smoothly & reliably every time. If you are installing new bleachers, need your bleachers repaired or are undertaking a bleacher motorization project, we are the company to call! We use superior components and designs along with 50 years of experience, we can fix motorized bleacher systems that our competitors can’t.

Learn more about motorizing your existing bleachers and the "True Friction" System.




  • Telescoping Bleachers
  • Wall Attached
  • Recessed
  • Motorization of Manual Bleachers


  • Aluminum Benches
  • Steel Benches
  • Player Benches
  • Amphitheater Seating
  • Grandstand Seating

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