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ATEC M1 Jr Softball Pitching Machine on Lowpod

WTATMM1SLJ - ATEC M1 Jr Softball Pitching Machine on Lowpod
Manufacturer: ATEC

ATEC M1 Jr Softball Pitching Machine on Lowpod

The all-new M1.J is the fastball-only version of the popular M1 pitching machine.  This machine is great for younger age groups and machine pitch leagues, with its lightweight portability and easy setup.  With speeds of 30-70 MPH, this will allow the machine user to throw a straight fastball to match any player’s abilities.  It’s built using the same technology, processes, and materials as ATEC’s other industry-leading pitching machines. Similar to other high-end ATEC machines, the M1.J is also equipped with a dual-durometer concave wheel. This wheel is engineered to increase the wheel’s grip on the ball which maximizes both pitch speed and accuracy.  The M1.J also features a tilting throwing head, which allows the machine to throw ground balls and fly balls.  This machine is the perfect addition for any team looking to improve all areas of their game!

Product Features:

  • Compatible for use with regulation leather softballs as well as dimple and foam machine softballs
  • Concave wheel treads increase ball grip and maximize pitch accuracy
  • Dual durometer wheel hubs increase maximum pitch speed and minimize recovery time
  • Quick Change Tilt System allows you to change the throwing hand and axis-of-rotation of pitched balls
  • Durable steel frame and wide base tripod absorb machine recoil for maximum accuracy
  • ABS wheel guards help protect the operator and the machine wheels
  • Free machine cover automatically applied in cart. See description for details.
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