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BSN Volleyball Net Tension Straps

1203486 - BSN Volleyball Net Tension Straps
SKU: 1203486
Manufacturer: BSN

BSN Volleyball Net Tension Straps

Over the course of a season, the barrage of jump serves, spikes and blocks sent flying into a volleyball net can take a toll. Install these Volleyball Net Tension Straps to keep the net consistently taut and ready for match play. Designed to maintain tension across the entire net, these straps comes in a set of six, so the top, middle and bottom section on each side are pulled tightly toward the standard. Easy to install and strong enough to hold up all season long, sturdy 2 in. hook-and-loop fasteners provide a reliable hold.


    • Hook-and-loop fasteners connect each end of the net to the standards for a secure fit
    • Each strap wraps fully around each post to pull the net taut and up to the proper height for official gameplay
    • Straps are 2 in. thick for a sturdy hold as balls go into the net
    • Full set includes six straps to anchor each key area of the net
    • White straps coordinate with the rest of the setup
    • 2" velcro net straps that help secure volleyball net to standards.  Sold in sets of 6
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