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BSN 7" Self-Lock Tie Wraps

MTTWRAPS - BSN 7" Self-Lock Tie Wraps
Manufacturer: BSN

BSN 7" Self-Lock Tie Wraps

These 7" Self-Lock Tie Wraps do a fantastic job of supporting all brands and styles of windscreen and netting. Using windscreen/netting is often a must at a tennis court. By using these heavy-duty plastic tie wraps every 12-18", you'll be able to keep your windscreen/netting up and effective.  It's hard to believe something so simple can be so effective, but these 7" Self-Lock Tie Wraps do the job. Have 50 lb. breaking strength.

  • Sold in package of 100 Tie Wraps, each 7" long.

  • Heavy-duty plastic tie wraps for use with all brands and styles of   windscreen and netting

  • Recommended use every 12" - 18"

  • Must be used with all Gold Medal windscreens

  • 50 lb. breaking strength - 7" long - 100 per package

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