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BSN Lacrosse 6mm Professional Net

1382863 - BSN Lacrosse 6mm Professional Net
SKU: 1382863
Manufacturer: BSN

BSN Lacrosse 6mm Professional Net

Keep your lacrosse field in top shape with this Lacrosse Net. When an attacker scoops up the ball, dodges a defender and attempts a shot, you can rely on the strength of this net to take on tough action in the goal crease. The braided nylon netting stands up to whatever attackmen send its way, so players can hurdle shots at full strength, and you can relax knowing that the net is up to the challenge. On hot days when the sun beats down mercilessly and in other extreme weather conditions, UV treatment and weather protection ensure that the net will hold strong.


    • Use to replace worn or damaged netting in your lacrosse goal
    • Made of durable nylon to withstand tough shots during practice and games
    • Braided, knotless design keeps the net from unraveling for years of use
    • UV treated to resist harsh sun damage and extreme weather conditions
    • Lacing cord included for easy attachment to your goal
    • White 6mm
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