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Champion Sports 8 Inch Rhino Skin Volleyball Set

RSVBSET - Champion Sports 8 Inch Rhino Skin Volleyball Set
Manufacturer: Champion Sports

Champion Sports 8 Inch Rhino Skin Volleyball Set

When you want the best you want Rhino Skin. Rhino Skin balls feature a tough coating over a durable foam core. The ORIGINAL, non-sting coating is designed and made in Sweden and is so durable, it is virtually tear-proof! The Rhino Skin patented coating provides better performance than traditionally constructed balls, offering ease of play that is excellent for all age groups. Why settle for a substitute when you can have Rhino Skin - the best brand on the market! For top performance, choose our specially designed foam balls that offer a tear-proof and safe play experience for a multitude of games. Our 8” low bounce foam volleyball features our ultra durable Rhino Skin® non-sting coating that is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

The Champion Sports 8 Inch Rhino Skin Low Bounce Volleyball Set is a great addition to any Phys. Ed. class and recreational league for teaching volleyball. At just 8" in diameter, these lightweight foam volleyballs make it easy for kids to learn how to bump and volley the ball. The soft exterior layer will not hurt their forearms as they practice the fundamentals, while the low-bounce foam core prevents stray shots, keeping drills and practice sessions organized. 

•8" diameter

•Ball weight: 332 gr

•Foam density: 70kg/m3

•High-density foam core

•Recommended age: 10 years and up

•Set of 6 (1 each of) Green, Orange, Purple, Royal Blue, Red and Yellow

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