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Champion Sports 8.5 Inch Rhino Skin Playground Ball Set

RSPGSET - Champion Sports 8.5 Inch Rhino Skin Playground Ball Set
Manufacturer: Champion Sports

Champion Sports 8.5 Inch Rhino Skin Playground Ball Set

When you want the best you want Rhino Skin. Rhino Skin balls feature a tough coating over a durable foam core. The ORIGINAL, non-sting coating is designed and made in Sweden and is so durable, it is virtually tear-proof! The Rhino Skin patented coating provides better performance than traditionally constructed balls, offering ease of play that is excellent for all age groups. Why settle for a substitute when you can have Rhino Skin - the best brand on the market! Feel the difference with our super soft inflatable foam Rhino Skin ball! This set of six inflatable foam playground balls are the softest playground balls we make.

Designed to accommodate children's creativity and imaginations, the Champion Sports 8.5" Super Soft RHINO Skin® Playground Ball Set is versatile enough for any game kids happen to invent on the playground. Featuring an inflatable RHINO Skin® these durable balls are lightweight and soft enough to prevent injuries when players get hit. The tough coating makes these balls suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Mesh bag and pump are included.


  • RHINO Skin® inflatable ball and durable coating suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Super-soft feel provides safe impact when players get hit with the ball
  • Size: 8.5" Diameter
  • Mesh bag and pump included
  • Set of six: one of each in red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue and purple
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