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GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with Boom & Wheel Lift Option

GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with Boom & Wheel Lift Option
Manufacturer: Gared
We not only sell this product, but our own installation crews have been installing them for 25+ years. Need help or have questions about installation or replacement units? Feel free to call or email us and we’d be happy to offer our assistance to you and we’ll give you the best deal possible!

GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with Boom & Wheel Lift Option

Gared® PRO S Features:

BACKBOARD: Official size 42” x 72” shatter proof rectangular glass backboard (Model LXP4200) with a welded and reinforced steel frame. Halfinch tempered glass with fired in target and border for maximum durability.LED perimeter lights, #2137, are sold separately.

GOAL: Models 3500 and 3500I Master, positive lock breakaway goals come standard with these units for the domestic and international markets respectively. Model 3500I Master meets all FIBA standards. Other breakaway goals are optional and available upon request.

PADDING: Durable Gared PRO-MOLD® backboard edge padding comes in a wide variety of colors. Standard color for system padding is royal blue; other standard colors are available at no additional cost. Custom logos for the front and side pads are available at an additional cost.

BALLAST: 1200 lbs. (544 kgs.) of ballast welded to and concealed in the base of the unit.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Unique telescoping brace allows for preset heights of 8’, 9’ and 10’. Custom heights are available upon request.

ADJUSTABLE FLOOR PADS: Two floor pads are encased in steel supports for added stability, and are controlled by a screw-type mechanism that raises the unit off the wheels and adjusts the unit to exactly 10’ height.

FLOOR ANCHORING SYSTEM: Floor anchors and locator pins are included as standard. Specify floor type.

FINISH: The unit is powder-coated white. Other colors are available at additional cost.

SHOT CLOCK & CAMERA SUPPORTS: Available at a nominal cost. Specify shot clock type.

TRANSPORT & STORAGE: Folds easily for compact storage with double non-marking polyurethane casters for easy transport.

The GARED® PRO S is the finest engineered competition portable in the world utilizing the Gared® tension spring technology • The maintenance-free tension spring mechanism is designed for balanced and effortless lifting/lowering of the unit • The unique echanism is concealed inside the base for safety and appearance • A superbly designed T-Shape extension arm made of fully welded, heavy wall rectangular tubing is patterned after our original Gared Pro H®, which is universally considered the most structurally stable competition portable • The T-Shape extension arm and heavy duty uprights eliminate the need for unsightly bridge supports, giving the fans a clear view of the court • Available in 8’ and 10’ 8” boom extensions for all levels of play and adjustable to 8’, 9’, and 10’ heights, the Gared Pro S® comes equipped with an official size (42” x 72”) shatter proof glass backboard, our original PRO-MOLD® backboard padding and a positive lock breakaway goal • The base is fully padded on three sides with vinyl covered 2” thick high density polyurethane foam • The front upright is similarly padded to a height of 7’ with 5” thick foam • Meets NCAA, NAIA, NFHS and NBA main court specifications and is approved by FIBA for high level international competition • Boom pad and floor anchoring system are included with the unit • Shot clock supports are sold separately • Full weight with ballast 3000 lbs. (1361 .kgs) • 10-Year Limited Warranty on all parts, Lifetime Limited Warranty on backboard included with the unit, 5-Year Limited Warranty on PRO -MO LD® pads and 4-Year on breakaway goal.

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GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with Boom & Wheel Lift Option 9618WL
GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with 10’ 8" Boom & Wheel Lift Option
SKU: 9618WL
GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with Boom & Wheel Lift Option 9616WL
GARED Pro® S Portable Basketball System with 8' Boom & Wheel Lift Option
SKU: 9616WL
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