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L.A. Steelcraft Grills

L.A. Steelcraft Grills
Manufacturer: L.A. Steelcraft

L.A. Steelcraft Grills

Perfect for parks or campgrounds, our grills come in multiple sizes and finishes. Cool grip handles on the sides allow for safe and easy adjustment. Our grills rotate 360 degrees and offer optional utility shelves for single and double grills to supply handy food prep space. Supported by 3-1/2" O.D. steel and available inground or surface mounted, these grills are at home in any environment.

We offer a five-year warranty on all grills. Our warranty covers full replacement of any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. 

Installation Guide

This item ships by truck. Contact us at 877-497-6671 for a freight quote.

Standard Single Grill, 15" x 20", In-Ground Mount Post Featuring A Standard, High - Temp, Liquid Enamel Finish LA-630
SKU: LA-630
Single Pedestal Bar-B-Que with Surface Mount, Liquid Paint finish LA-630-SM
SKU: LA-630-SM
Standard Double Grill, 20" x 32", In-Ground Mount Post LA-650
SKU: LA-650
Back To Back Bar-B-Que with Surface Mount. Liquid Paint Finish LA-650-SM
SKU: LA-650-SM
Standard Large Group Grill, 28" x 36", Surface Mount Post & 12" x 36" Shelf LA-670
SKU: LA-670
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