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Gared Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal with Nylon Net

1000 - Gared Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal with Nylon Net
SKU: 1000
Manufacturer: Gared
We not only sell this product, but our own installation crews have been installing them for 25+ years. Need help or have questions about installation or replacement units? Feel free to call or email us and we’d be happy to offer our assistance to you and we’ll give you the best deal possible!

Gared Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal with Nylon Net

From pro arenas to your local YMCA, Gared's Line of Breakaway Rims offer high quality engineering to fit every player’s & facility’s need • Each of our competition rims share basic features of 3/8” single ring goal, strengthening full steel wing braces, CPSC tested orange powder-coat, an adjustable internal spring, and breakaway mechanism - meeting NBA, NCAA, NFHS specifications • Additionally, the hole pattern configurations allow for nearly universal compatibility with all other 42” x 72” backboards regardless of manufacture • While sharing a solid engineer foundation, each rim has sophisticated features to match your facility’s specific needs, such as positive lock pressure settings, net attachment type and fly back control.

Sporting an accordion-like breakaway action, the Scholastic Flex Rim is a great alternative to a facility needing an institutional quality breakaway rim without a positive lock mechanism • Superiorly constructed, the 1000 Flex Breakaway Goal fits perfectly in every setting from playground to elementary courts to recreational facilities •The Scholastic rim’s no-tie attachment and universal backplate make it the most compatible optional for any play situation.

2 Year Limited Warranty

4” x 5” Hole Spacing, Weight: 24 LBS

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