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Bison Twistlock™ Sand Volleyball Sockets

Bison Twistlock™ Sand Volleyball Sockets
Manufacturer: Bison

Bison Twistlock™ Sand Volleyball Sockets

Now you see it…Now you don't • Unique twist lock design allows the socket to be installed or removed from a permanent concrete base foundation in a matter of seconds • No more water or sand filled sockets or sockets that protrude above the sand • These stainless steel sockets will not rust even if left installed year round• The unique concrete foundation with imbedded base plate design has a leveling feature to allow precise post leveling and eliminate installation errors • TwistLock™ sockets come standard with Centerline Elite single and side-by-side systems but can be ordered separately to use with any 3" Bison or other indoor competition volleyball systems for maximum utilization of existing equipment • Order SVB27 for TwistLock™ 4" Sand Volleyball Sockets available for Bison VB9000 UltraLite or other manufacturers 4" systems• Order VB354 to allow installation of 3½" volleyball posts in SVB27 4" sockets. 

Bison Twistlock™ Sand Volleyball Sockets SVB27
TwistLock 4" Sand Volleyball Socket
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