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Voit CV4 Soft Shot Stingless Volleyball

VCV4HXXX - Voit CV4 Soft Shot Stingless Volleyball
Manufacturer: BSN

Voit CV4 Soft Shot Stingless Volleyball

Open up volleyball practice to beginners with this Voit® CV4 Soft Shot Stingless Volleyball, which is designed to help new players develop skills while minimizing the sting left on hands and arms. As new players bump, set, spike and dig, the soft foam coating provides enough cushion to help them perfect their technique without fear of reddened forearms. This ball is built to withstand every volley and spike thanks to the nylon-wound construction.


    • Butyl bladder retains air, so you spend less time refilling and more time coaching
    • Syn-Tec® rubber cover keeps the ball from stinging hands and arms
    • Nylon-wound construction stands up to every volley, serve and spike
    • Durable foam coating cushions each shot to build beginners' confidence
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