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Aluminum Bleachers

All Aluminum Bleachers - Our best seller!
Manufacturer: L.A. Steelcraft

Recently LA Steelcraft has been extremely slow to deliver orders to our customers and for this reason we cannot offer these products and maintain the quality customer experience that you expect from us.


We have recently started offering equipment from PW Athletics which in many cases are equivalent or superior to the LA Steelcraft products. Call us at 877-497-6671 to consult with our sales team for suitable alternatives.  


All Aluminum Bleachers

All aluminum construction-5 year warranty. Design and construction in accordance with the 1997 Edition of the Uniform Building Code. 12" wide nominal seatplank on all models. Double floorplanks starting on row 3 with double riserboards on top row only for 4 & 5 row models. Optional center aisles and wheelchair cut-out areas available on all models. Guardrail systems not required on these 3 & 4 row models. Vertical guardrail provided on 5 row models.

Compare these Aluminum Bleachers to others - you will find most others to be inferior in their design and quality.

Spec tips to compare:


1. All welded aluminum framing with square tube vertical supports

2. .093 wall thick extruded aluminum planking

3. Heavier wall X bracing and angle aluminum on understructure


1.  Bolted together aluminum or galvanized steel (heavier, harder to move)                  

2.  .061 or sometimes thinner plank walls

3.  Thinner wall X bracing and angle aluminum frame

Model Description Seats Approx. Space Depth FR-Back Height Top Seat Weight
PN203-15 3-Row X 15' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 30 4'-8" X 15' 4'-8" 23-7/8" 210 lbs
PN203-21 3-Row X 21' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 42 4'-8" X 21' 4'-8" 23-7/8" 285 lbs
PN204-15 4-Row X 15' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 40 6'-9" X 15' 6'-9" 29-7/8" 315 lbs
PN204-21 4-Row X 21' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 56 6'-9" X 21' 6'-9" 29-7/8" 430 lbs
PN205-15 5-Row X 15' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 50 9'-6" X 15' 9'-6" 35-7/8" 710 lbs
PN205-21 5-Row X 21' Aluminum Seats and Footboards 70 9'-6" X 21' 9'-6" 35-7/8" 935 lbs

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Due to the recent fluctuation in steel prices, we ask that you email or call us for a quote. or 877-497-6671. We’ll be happy to take your order over the phone.
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