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ATEC HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball

HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball
Manufacturer: ATEC

HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball

HI.PER Ball Line - Machines are only one part of what creates consistent and accurate ball flight.  Balls are an extremely important factor in training machine accuracy.  Our High Performance (Hi.Per) line of balls have been developed with numerous proprietary aerodynamic efficiencies; designed to maximize your machine's accuracy.  Each ball in the Hi.Per series is the MOST accurate in its class, helping you get the most accurate Ball Flight every single time.

  • Regulation Baseball size designed for pre-game warm up and limited space training
  • XDC (Xtra Durable Composite) construction
  • Proprietary Tactile Surface Texturing for increased grip and accuracy
  • Maximum flight distance of 90ft
  • Proprietary Hi.Vis color
  • Indoor and Outdoor training
  • NOT for machine use
ATEC HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball WTATBP02B12
1 Dozen
ATEC HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball WTATBP02B04
4 Pack
ATEC HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball WTATBP02B24
2 Dozen + Ball Bucket
ATEC HI.PER LTD (Limited Distance) Baseball WTATBP02B36
3 Dozen + Ball Bucket
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