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ATEC R2 Pitching Machine on Caddypod

ATEC R2 Pitching Machine on Caddypod
Manufacturer: ATEC

ATEC R2 Pitching Machine on Caddypod

Class: Defensive Training Machine

Level: Collegiate

The R2, formerly the Rookie, is built for collegiate level defensive training.  It is designed to be a more compact and portable version of the professional level R3.  Both R-Series machines have the unique ability to rotate and pivot freely while the machine is on and in use, allowing you to challenge multiple fielders, playing different positions, one after another.  Just like the R3, the R2 allows you to achieve the maximum number of repetitions for any defensive drill - giving your players more quality repetitions than could possibly be achieved with a fungo bat.

Top Speed: 65mph

Maximum Fly Ball: 265ft

Recovery Time: 7sec

Weight: 70lbs

Product Features:

  • 1. Full Control Fungo System (FCFS)
    • Maximizes your ability to control where the ball is placed during defensive drills
    • Change the ball placement of each rep, or keep it locked in to maximize repetitions of a single type
  • 2. Hi.Per Aluminum Discs
    • Allows the machine to achieve the lowest recovery time possible
    • Engineered to be extremely lightweight and durable
  • 3. High Definition Ball Chute
    • Players have a clear and uninterrupted view of the ball throughout the entire cycle
  • 4. Caddypod
    • Industry leading wheeled transport system makes setup and transitioning between drills quick and simple
  • 5. Durable Steel Frame
    • Rugged frame and caddypod absorb machine recoil ensuring maximum accuracy of every pitch
  • Real Ball Compatability
    • Compatible for use with leather balls as well as dimpled and foam practice balls
ATEC R2 Pitching Machine on Caddypod WTATMR2BC
Baseball Size
ATEC R2 Pitching Machine on Caddypod WTATMR2SC
Softball Size