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BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector and/or Accessories

BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector and/or Accessories
Manufacturer: BSN

BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector

When inclement weather is a concern, this SkyScan™ P5 Lightning Detector helps coaches, officials and athletic directors decide whether it's safe or not to hold practice or continue with a game. Users can determine if games should be postponed or canceled, as this handheld instrument detects lightning from up to 40 miles away and delivers accurate feedback about its approach. An audible tone and four LEDs let users know what direction the storm is moving relative to their position, so they can make an informed decision. 

  • Rugged, weather-resistant ABS plastic construction allows the detector to be used outside, even in the midst of a downpour or other rough weather conditions
  • Audible tone and four LEDs relay information regarding the presence of lightning and whether it's moving closer or farther away
  • Each LED represents a mile range to help users determine how far away lightning is
  • Automatic shutoff powers down after five hours to conserve battery life
  • Powered by two 9-volt batteries (not included) for 40 - 70 hours of operation


  • Brand: SkyScan™
  • Color: Yellow, Gray
  • Color Family: Yellow
  • Detects lightning as far as 40 miles away and accurately ranges its approach by both an audible tone and by four LED's which are ranged in miles (0-3, 3-8, 8-20, 20-40)
  • Requires (2) 9V batteries (not included)
  • AC adapter not included 
  • Rugged weather resistant case
BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector ONLY
BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector - Soft Carry Case ONLY
SKU: 20026501
BSN SkyScan P5 Lightning Detector - 110v AC Adapter ONLY
SKU: 20026502
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