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BSN Mound Slope Gauge

1148992 - BSN Mound Slope Gauge
SKU: 1148992
Manufacturer: BSN

BSN Mound Slope Gauge

In order for pitchers to find the right amount of leverage before each throw, they require a properly built mound. Construct a mound to exact taper and height specifications with the Pitcher's Mound Slope Gauge to help the team's ace find the strike zone. Consisting of a bubble level, a ruler and two support rods, the gauge helps groundskeepers create and maintain the pitcher's mound for consistent performance throughout the baseball or softball season. If the dirt becomes loose after heavy rainfall or inning after inning of heavy use, the gauge can be set up by a single person, making maintenance a snap.

  • Aluminum construction provides a heavy-duty design for seasons to come
  • Bubble level and metal ruler indicate the height and taper of the pitcher's mound
  • Two support rods are included to hold up the ruler and level for simple reference
  • PVC storage tube keeps the gauging accessories together when not in use
  • Instructions are included for information about the construction and maintenance of a pitcher's mound
  • Color: Silver
  • Color Family: Gray
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Quantity: 1

This popular mound building tool is the most accurate way to ensure proper height and taper. Designed after the one used at Oriole Park in Baltimore. It takes only one person to set up and use this heavy duty aluminum gauge. Includes bubble level, metal ruler, 2 support rods and complete instructions for mound construction and maintenance. Ships and stores in PVC tube. Weight: 10 lbs.

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